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Liane Lieu

Thousand Oaks, CA

Mrs. Liane Lieu was born on February 16, 1918. She was fond of telling others that as a young
girl she was a tomboy and rode horses and jumped barriers. She was raised in London. At age
17 she married her husband Nyan-Li Lieu, son of a well renowned industrialist, O.S. Lieu (a.k.a
Liu HongSheng). She adjusted to life in Shanghai and Hong Kong and lived through with
courage the Japanese Invasion. She had a talent for languages and spoke English, French and
Chinese fluently.

Due to illness, she moved from China to the United States in 1947. There she raised her eldest
son Peter, and later through a great deal of patience and sacrifice, she was able to bring Sandi
and Noel out from China.

Among her friends, she was known for her cooking and baking. She was petite in build but
always dressed with taste and elegance. She spent 50 years in New York City, where she
enjoyed attending opera, shopping and entertaining friends.

In the early 2000s, she moved from New York City to Westlake Village, California to be near
Noel and Sandi. There she enjoyed shopping at Gelson’s, Whole Foods Market, and caring for
her dog. She was fond of all her grandchildren and enjoyed hosting the Christmas family
gathering at fine restaurants.

For many years she practiced yoga and recommended the exercise to others. She lived to be
100 with grace and dignity. She died in her sleep peacefully in the presence of family members.
She accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior weeks before her passing and was baptised at her bed

Liane is survived by her sons Noel and Sandi and their wives Mary and Nancy; grandchildren
David, Ruth, Christine, and Andrew; and great-grandchildren Sparrow, Samantha, Micah,
Nathan, and Naomi. She is preceded in death by her beloved son Peter.

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